Thoughts from a Christian Prepper.

I was going to add this to either the front or the back of the trilogy I’m writing titled:  The Grey Ham Series: ParaCW but at the suggestion of a brother in Christ I decided to put it here instead, so here goes.

I personally believe America is in deep trouble.  It has turned it’s back on God, and judgment day cometh. I’ve read both books by Jonathan Cahn, “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of The Shemitah.”  and I truly believe that God is about to shake  America to its knees, how that will be done? only God knows.   Financial crash?  More terrorists attacks?  Electro Magnetic Pulse? You fill in the blank.  Whatever, it will eventually happen. Why? Because, as a believer, God’s Word says it will.  When?  No one knows, even Jesus said He didn’t know but only his Father in heaven.  But we are given warning signs, and I believe they are coming at break neck speed.

In the meantime, the majority of churches in America continue to share a feel good “Christiantainment” message from The Bible and give little warning as to what is on the horizon.

Rarely do we hear about the realities of hell, warnings to repent, or prepare for judgment.  In fact, a church where I was once on staff had a Sr. Minister that has never once preached about anything even close to God’s wrath, nor once mentioned The Holy Spirit.  There was a whole lot of head knowledge shared and that was all.

But not to point the finger just at him, neither do the majority of other ministers, elders or other church leaders speak of such things.  The reason?   Although there were many, the number one given was, “We don’t want to scare people into heaven, or portray an angry God.”  Really?  So instead  give them a sugar coated, feel good message, but not warn them.  Personally, I think it is due to not wanting to upset the flock.  After all, when the flock is upset, phone calls come in and offerings go down. I can speak from experience as I’ve seen this first hand from my years in ministry.

But the problem with that mindset is this, Shepherds are to watch over the flock, to protect and warn the flock.  Folks, look around our world, the flock needs to be warned!

It’s sad, very sad that many ministers are not speaking about what is going on in the world around us.  Yes, I know that we serve a God of love and a Savior who died and resurrected which now allows us to receive God’s grace, BUT this same God is a jealous God, and this same  Savior will one day return to judge, as the scriptures say “With a sword in His hand”.  If you don’t believe me, read The Book of Revelation.

And then there is our world, and what is going on from civil unrest, political bickering and posturing, saber rattling of countries,  spying here, there and everywhere. Also, we have our very own political fiasco with our bought and paid for two party system with accusations, cover-ups and just plain law breaking that if the average person did what many politicians do, they would be in prison and well, you get the picture.

Rant over , so ….. due to other and family circumstances, my wife and I made the decision to leave full-time vocational ministry after 20 years, and move to northwest Tennessee where my in-laws lived.  We bought some property next to theirs and during the summer of 2015, we  made our move.

Tennessee is a great state if you are a prepper, especially moving from one of the most corrupt, crime ridden, and over taxed states in the upper mid-west which is where we had lived for the past 20 years.

Since I have been reading books on Prepping one of the chapters in a book I read talked about blending in with the crowd and the term used is called being a “Grey Man”.

I began thinking how cool it would be to write a fictional Prepper book titled The Grey Ham, which would be the story of a Christian Prepper who is also a Ham Radio Operator. Although I’m new to prepping, I’ve been a Amateur Radio Operator for more than 30 years.

On 5/15/15 with the help of a great brother in Christ, we created this website. I also have a page on MeWe which is a Face Book like social media page titled The Prepper Harbinger where we discuss preparedness and amateur radio so come join us.

Ron, aka The Grey Ham