Here are a few articles I came across in my prayer journey as far as Christians preparing for difficult times.  I have to admit, I struggled with this since I am a firm believer that God will meet all of our needs, and if I prep, am I not trusting in Him to do so?  I hope they are a help to all who read them. Also, there are some who believe that Jesus will come and rapture Christians to heaven.  First, let me say I hope they are right, but I do not read that in The Bible, in fact, I read just the opposite.  No matter if you are a Pre-Mid-or Post Tribulation Christian, Jesus is still in control.

A Faith Based Biblical Perspective of Prepping

Should Christians Prepare for Hard Times

Here are a few other sites that may be of help for prepping ideas.

Peppers Bible

American Preppers Network

Back Woods Home

I have this listed in another area, but still one of my favorites. Prepper Recon