Grey Ham Book Series: ParaCW

Book Two of the Series: Justification is now available.

In this fictional book, the main character, Don, is a retired police officer.  After his early out retirement, he went into the ministry full time after graduating from Bible College and Seminary. (Some of the main characters life circumstances are mine) After seeing the direction the world is going, being an avid reader of end times prophecy and many visits with his father in law, Don decided it was time to step away from the located ministry and move out into what he likes to call, “The Boonies” with his wife and two dogs.

Don’s love of messing around with new forms of communication leads him to stumble across an interesting way to tag the old tried and true Morse Code, aka CW to the carrier signal of cell phones which Don calls “ParaCW.”

This form of low power communication is virtually undetectable as it “comes along side” the cell phone signal, by way of an App he created.  The end result? When the cell towers struggle with being overburdened with calls or are on low power needs via battery backup if the grid goes down, the new ParaCW still gets through on very little power.

The sub-characters, Larry Turner and Sean Carrick are enforcement agents with the Federal Communications Commission.  They get wind of Don’s ParaCW work and contacts him to see If he would be willing to “help” the government. Eventually, FBI Agent Robert Watkins gets involved and of course, the government has much more use for Don’s ParaCW, or is there another reason the FBI has and interest?

As you read this fictional novel, there will be many twists, turns, some fun along the way and the overreach of government involvement. I hope you enjoy my first book, The Grey Ham Series: Book One – ParaCW – Accusation.

Some recent updates:

  • The book is done and available on Amazon in all three formats.
  • Looking to the future, Books Two and Three are already plotted out with the first ten chapters of book two competed. Plus I have a brief sketch and title of another trilogy completely different from the ParaCW, but with a connection to one of the sub-characters. That series will also involve amateur radio and preparedness.
  • The book is also listed in the June 2017 of the ARRL publication QST.  I also have some podcast interviews completed with Mark Goodwin at Prepper Recon.
  • Here is the final cover for Book One of The Grey Ham Series: ParaCW


Book Two: Justification is now available on Amazon: Book Two Justification

Book 2 Cover

Shortly before book two of The Grey Ham Series was released I had my second podcast interview with Mark Goodwin of Prepper recon.

** Update:  Mark is no longer producing podcast as he and his family have moved and the internet connections they have are by satellite only.  This means any type of communications via phone/internet would not be much fun to listen too.

It’s almost here …. It’s uploaded to The Kindle store and is in review for publication.  That means within the next 72 hours Book Three: Restoration will go live in eBook and paperback.  The audiobook will be out in a week or two.

UPDATE 12/15/2018

The audiobook is about 1/2 completed according to my narrator and it should be available by the end of the year.

The ebook is available, here is the link.

The paperback is version is available too:

EBook 3 Cover