Hi, and Welcome to The Grey Ham website.  You might be wondering, why a name like The Grey Ham?

For Preppers, (those preparing for difficult times) a Grey man is someone who blends into their surroundings as not to be noticed by anyone.  In other words, they look just like any other person.

Since I’m an Extra Class Amateur (Ham) Radio operator, call sign: N4WSH, I decided to combine the two and thus, “The Grey Ham.”

My Ham Shack Out In The Boonies Where I Live.

My Ham Shack

Info on my book: The Grey Ham Series 

UPDATE *** All three of my books are now available for purchase in all three formats.  eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

For those of you who may wind up here because of my book, first, let me say thank’s for the purchase and I hope you enjoyed it. Also, there have been a few updates in the book from the first day it was released.  The majority of them are punctuation and grammar.  I’ve also made a few changes to the narrative so the book will flow better, but those changes in no way affect the storyline.  So if you bought the book the first day it was released, you need to go to your Amazon account under eBooks and request a “Push” of the newest version as it does not happen automatically.

Here is the link to the eBook and Audio:

The Grey Ham Series: Book One – ParaCW – Accusation


and the link for Paperback.

Paperback Version


Here is the Ad that was in the print and digital June 2017 issue of the ARRL publication – QST Magazine.

Ron Good Grey Ham Series


I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Best Selling Author Mark Goodwin at Prepper Recon.  Here is the link to part one of that interview. The Grey Ham Interview

Part two is now available but there is a blocking mechanism so I cannot do a copy and paste.  If you want to hear the second part, go to prepper recon  dot  com and search for podcasts.

I’m very excited to announce that Amateur Radio/Prepper Trilogy – The Grey Ham Series: ParaCW Book Two – Justification is now available.

Book 2 Cover

Here is the link to Book Two.  Book Two – Justification

Book Three – Restoration.

The eBook is now available here: Book Three – eBook

The paperback version is now live too:  Book Three – Paperback

The audiobook is also available and it can be found alongside the eBook and paperback version.

EBook 3 Cover